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Great American railroad stations

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Visit the landmarks from the golden age of American railroads In 1828, with the founding of the Baltimore & Ohio, America had its first railroad. As tracks crisscrossed the landscape, railroad stations sprang up across the nation. Many of them were monumental buildings, the pride of their cities and towns. But with the advent of the American romance with the automobile, the railroad industry fell into decline and many of these grand structures lost their use. Some were destroyed, others survive today as landmarks. With words and photographs, this book captures the spirit of over 700 American railroad stations that remain today, in all fifty states. Some are still stations, some are restaurants, some are museums. All are worth exploring as remnants of the great railroad system that once spanned the nation. Foreword by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a vocal proponent of train station preservation Over 500 historic and contemporary detailed photographs and line illustrations Discussion of the importance of preservation issues and the difficulties encountered in rescuing railroad stations JANET GREENSTEIN POTTER (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a writer, lecturer, and film producer. Her interest in historic preservation led to the production of a PBS program entitled "Whistle Stops to Railway Palaces: The Legacy of American Train Stations."

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