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Interior spaces:space- light- material

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From the meditative ambiance of a purist devotional room to the colourful, organic forms of shop furnishings, the design of an interior space influences its atmosphere and lends a specific character. Together with the features of the room itself and the lighting, the materials used, their surfaces, textures, and colourings help determine the general effect of the interior. In the last few years there has been a growing willingness on the part of designers to experiment with colours and designs, and this book will present a wide range of international examples which reveal the sheer diversity of possibilities when planning interiors. This publication is the third volume in the series "In Detail" and will explore the various aspects of design with particular reference to the use of space and materials; carefully selected examples will highlight their aesthetical qualities and potential applications. All plans and drawings of interiors and furnishings have been carefully researched and drawn by the staff of DETAIL. Selected authors discuss the broad spectrum of tasks issues which emerge when dealing with interiors and document their solutions.

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