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Advanced engineering mathematics

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Unlike a couse in "calculus" or "differential equations", in which the content of the course is fairly standardized, the content of a course titled "engineering mathematics" often varies considerably among academic institutions. A text in Advanced Engineering Mathematics is, therefore a compendium of many mathematical topics, all of which are loosely related by the expedient of either being needed or useful in courses and subsequent careers in science and engineering. There is literally no upper bound to the number of topics that could be included in this kind of text. Consequently, this book represents the most accurate list of what constitutes "engineering mathematics" in the authors' opinions. For flexibility in topic selection the text is divided into five major parts or subdivisions that illustrate the authors' belief that the backbone of science/engineering related mathematics is the theory and applications of ordinary and partial differential equations. A Student Solutions Manual is sold separately (ISBN: 0-7637-1285-X). A Complete Solutions Manual (for qualified instructors only) is available through the publisher (ISBN: 0-7637-1356-2) NEW! Each of the five major parts of the text opens with an essay by an acknowledged expert in his or her field in engineering. Numerous real-world applications, current examples, and a great many illustrations help students visualize important concepts and apply the material to their everyday lives. Written by a successful differential equations author! Exercises vary in difficulty to reinforce the understanding of the material found in the chapters. Each chapter has an opening page that includes a table of contents, an introduction, a list of important concepts in that chapter, and a list of relevant topics. Answers to odd-numbered problems are given in the back of the text. Along with summaries and review exercises at the end of each chapter.

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