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Behavioral finance

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The accurate prediction of stock market trends is the ultimate objective of all involved in the financial markets. Increasingly sophisticated mathematical models have been developed in order to predict future trends and minimize risk. Yet they have done little to increase the reliability of predictions. The reason is the central role played by human psychology in all investment decisions. Irrational decisions, the authors argue, are not made due to a lack of technical tools but as a result of particular behavior patterns. Strong emotions, such as greed and fear, over confidence in one's own abilities and the desire to be ahead of competitors influence (and often override) perception and the decision making process. Behavioral finance is the scientific study of human behavior. This new young science is rapidly proving invaluable to the financial community to assist traders in controlling their own irrational behavior and predicting that of others. A fascinating book that demonstrates clearly how behavior-orientated analysis of the financial markets can explain and account for fundamental principles in technical analysis, this book will be an essential companion for anybody interested in this exciting new discipline.

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