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The Taiwan Electronics Market provides readers with data in printed and digital form. The book is in English and Chinese. On the CD-ROM, a collection of slides shows introduces the products and organizational structure of seven leading electronics firms. Designed for managers searching for market opportunities, the book is also designed to: 1. Help you understand the Taiwan electronics industry and the changes occurring 2. Help you view the market and processes in ways that improve decision making 3. Provide you with accurate data that can be used to solve marketing problems 4. Provide you with cases whereby you can learn to transform data about the market into plans for business The Taiwan Electronics Market provides readers with selected electronics industry company profiles, Accton, ASI, CANDO, Helix, Procomp, Solomon, and TSMC, which illustrate the structure and product offerings underlying the growth of these leading firms. The Taiwan Electronic Market uses time series data from the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs and statistics from the Directorate General of Customs to graph and interpret trends in the production, imports, and exports of electronics finished goods, components, and machinery. The book contains over one hundred pie charts, time-series graphs, and data tables. The digital Appendix (a CD-ROM with files in PDF format) contains transcribed interviews, pictures of products and production facilities that correspond to the company profiles. There is also a large database of electronics industry company addresses and phone numbers useful for research and sales archives. For readers interested in joining the Taiwan high-tech labor force, three in-depth interviews with high-tech leaders describing what they look for when they hire. The CD-ROM also introduces the e-commerce developments in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.

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