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Planning lessons and courses:designing sequences of work for the language classroom

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This book is about planning lessons and courses for students of English as a foreign language. It is the only book on the market totally devoted to this. It does not take the view that "planning" equals writing pages and pages of notes by an assessor or observer. Rather it takes the everyday reality of the working teacher as they design short and long instructional units. Each chapter is based on a real life question, such as: Who are the students? When is the lesson? What can go in to a lesson or course? How do people learn? How can I teach? What materials can I choose? How can I get started on planning? What are my constraints and freedoms? What activities can I use and adapt?Each chapter contains both thought provoking analysis of parts of a teacher's job and many practical principles clearly explained. The book is designed to help inexperienced teachers gather working routines and sequences of ideas and to help experienced teachers to refresh the routines they have grown used to.

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