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Smart things to know about leadership

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Leadership makes people like the 'unlikable'. Leadership insists that things must be done differently. leadership is what can take us into a better world. But in business, leadership is not just about making things different or better. Smart leaders know it is about making money in the process. Whether you are a current or an aspiring leader, Smart Things to Know about Leadership provides a completely up-to-date overview of the current thinking on leadership. Jonathon Yudelowitz, Richard Koch and Robin Field outline the latest theories and principles, derived from their own business successes, and from the wisom of great business thinkers and writers such as Charles Handy, Jack Welch, Mary Parker Follett and Eric Berne. Throughout each chapter, Smart Things to know about Leadership gives you everything you need to know to stay ahead of the field. Leadership demystified: What are the fundamentals of leadership? How does it differ from management? What are the characteristics of a good leader? Leaders convey a sense of where we are going, even if they have little more idea than the rest of us how the future will unfold. But how do they do this? Leadership wars: What are the key debates about leadership? Are leaders born or made? Is leadership all hype and no substance? The triangle of tensions: Leaders struggle in three separate dimensions - the individual identity (who the leader really is), the canned role (the formal expectations, trappings and power of the leadership role) and the emergent process (the messy reality of what is really happening within and around the company). How does the Smart leader reconcile these demands? Learner leadership: Not only must leaders learn, practise and influence others, but they must also simultaneously teach others to lead. Sounds tricky but with the right stages and processes in place, as shown in the Wheel of Learner leadership, a Smart leader is in the making. The practical leader: Putting some of the management theory aside, learn five major lessons about practical, common-sense leadership. The practice of leadership is messier and much more complex than the theory. Smart Things to Know About Leadership is a concentrated mixture of wisdom and knowledge. It gives Smart advice on just how to cope with some real emotional challenges too.

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