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Preventative law for business professionals

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In the nation?s increasingly litigious society, plaintiffs and their lawyers are out for blood ? and money. The best defense is prevention. Acclaimed author and attorney Martin Segal delivers a comprehensive guide to preventive law, equipping readers with preemptive self-defense tools to use in business situations before they escalate into legal actions. Explaining that many legal differences can be traced back to misunderstood contract and sales transactions ? how they were conceived, created, implemented ? Segal introduces readers to an ?anticipatory thinking approach.? He thoroughly explores potential perils, giving case study examples of typical business law problems and dissecting them using the tried-and-true law school method of learning-analysis-problem solving. Packed with examples, the book emphasizes actual court cases, helping readers understand the legal reasoning of the presiding judges. Preventive Law provides readers with a better understanding of the legal ramifications of their business decisions, as well as the skills to prevent and counteract legal headaches before they take root.

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