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Multicast communication:protocols and applications

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Multicast Communication: Protocols, Programming, and Applications takes a comprehensive approach to the multicast capabilities of Internet Protocol (IP) communications, explaining how best to use IP networks to carry packets from one or more senders to multiple recipients. The book supplements detailed, carefully thought-out explanations of multicast network traffic with conceptual diagrams that help visual learners pick up the material. For the more practically minded, the discussion on implementing multicast over various transport protocols, such as the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), includes snippets of C code that make the procedures understandable. This book wins points for its physical design, not only because it's a durable hardback, but also because the pages are well organized: one column contains the body text; the remaining space provides terms, questions, and brief phrases that describe what's adjacent to them in the text. It's almost as if the book were pre-annotated; and there's plenty of white space to make notes, if you're so inclined. The documentation on the Internet's Multicast Backbone (Mbone) is both excellent and interesting, but the discussion on how Mbone traffic is limited to subnets, domains, countries, and geographic regions, or not limited at all, is really informative. --David Wall Topics covered: Multicast schemes, explained for system administrators and software developers; multicast routing (including DVMRP, multicast OSPF, and PIM); how to guarantee Quality of Service (QoS) for conferencing and other media that have high bandwidth requirements; implementation of multicasting across several transport protocols (including UDP, XTP, and MTP); and the functioning of the Mbone and its most popular applications.

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