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Creating a culture of competence

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Competence-and its role in achieving peak performance-remains one of the hot issues in business today. Yet its not enough for individual leaders, managers, and employees to demonstrate personal competencies. Rather, an entire organization must be unified to create a culture of competence. This culture can then be passed along to succeeding generations of employees who will continue to contribute to, and strengthen, a companys future. In Creating a Culture of Competence, Michael Zwell provides a bold, prescriptive approach to achieving organizational success through improved individual and group job performance and satisfaction. He clearly defines those core qualities that lead to peak performance, then illustrates, step-by-step, how companies can identify and develop individual leadership, managerial, and employee competencies for maximum personal and organizational benefit. Based on years of personal experience and research, Creating a Culture of Competence expertly combines behavioral theory with solid business practice to create positive organizational change. Youll discover how to: Use vision and competencies for cultural transformation Create competency models Implement competencies in selection and performance management Youll learn what really makes an organization successful . . . understand how HRs role is becoming central to building a high-performance organization . . . find out what technologies are being used to change corporate culture . . . then combine these elements to create a highly effective, competency-based organizational strategy. Creating a Culture of Competence offers a blueprint for hiring, developing, and retaining a superior workforce. By encouraging individuals to realize their potential, then motivating them to work in concert, you can lead your organization to reach its objectives . . . and get superior business results.

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