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Communicate:independent British graphic design since the sixties

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In the last four decades British graphic design has established itself as a powerful and significant force, expressing itself within the music and publishing industries, through brand identities, new media and all other forms of visual communication in the contemporary world. Communicate: Independent British Graphic Design since the Sixties, which accompanies the Barbican exhibition of the same title, presents an authoritative overview of the design work produced in this period, tracing how and why British graphic design has developed in the way it has Over 60 internationally renowned designers working today are featured, including Derek Birdsall, Mark Farrow, Neville Brody, Peter Saville, Why Not Associates and The Designers Republic. Rare and classic pieces from the 1960s by influential designers such as Barney Bubbles, Herbert Spencer and Michael English are also featured. The book is divided into sections covering Publishing, Identity, the Arts, Music, Politics and Society and Self-initiated Work, with essays by John O'Reilly, David Crowley and Nico MacDonald. There are interviews with ten key designers, including Julian House, Ian Anderson and Margaret Calvert, and biographies of all the designers featured.

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