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Applied discriminant analysis

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This book/diskette set provides a complete introduction to the application of discriminant analysis—data sets and programs included. Most books on discriminant analysis focus on statistical theory. This unique text/reference emphasizes applications and describes the numerous ways in which discriminant analysis can be useful, both to students who must read and understand published research and to professionals conducting original research. Numerous examples, exercises, and detailed explanations help to clarify difficult concepts and enhance your understanding of the subject. Data sets and programs on the accompanying diskette enable you to conduct multiple data analyses, both within and across computer packages. This book provides all the information you need to:Understand the kinds of research questions that are best answered by discriminant analysisLearn the terms and grasp the underlying conceptsRead, understand, and interpret various computer package printouts that pertain to discriminant analysisEvaluate reports of applied discriminant analysisDesign a study, analyze resulting data sets, and write a report based on your findings

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