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Knowledge- innovation- and economic growth:the theory and practice of learning regions

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The learning region offers a new perspective on the dynamics of change which shape the economy. This book examines the transformation of the modern economy into one in which knowledge is the most important resource and learning the most important process for economic growth. In the modern economy, successful firms, as well as governments, are those which have control over and access to flows of information and knowledge of technologies, markets, and organizational and managerial practices. In order to examine this, the authors apply innovation, industrial network and institutional theories to the many factors which together constitute learning regions: regional innovation policy, geographical clusters of collaborating firms and the role of research centers in the innovative potential of regions. They find that the learning region paradigm opens new possibilities for research and policy and use case studies in Germany, Holland and Belgium to illustrate these possibilities. The authors also examine European Union and regional government policy on innovation and regional development. Finally, they examine inter-firm and intra-firm collaboration and regional business and innovation systems. This innovative new book will prove invaluable to regional scientists, economic geographers and regional planners.

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