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Carpenter's complete guide to the SAS macro language

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Art Carpenter thoroughly updates his successful first edition with an extensive collection of new examples and techniques. Addressing the composition and operation of the SAS macro facility and the SAS macro language, this second edition is filled with ready-to-use macros, macro functions, and macro tools that will enable you to effortlessly convert SAS code to macros, define macro variables, and more! New topics include writing user interfaces with %WINDOW, using SYSPARM and SYSPBUFF, using CALL EXECUTE, deleting macro variables using %SYMDEL, using macro recursion, and creating your own macro functions. Also included are new SAS 9 features such as statements that include %ABORT and %RETURN, system options for the macro language, macro functions, autocall library macros, and code recovery options for compiled stored macro libraries. Many topics from the first edition have been expanded. Whether you're a new user with a basic understanding of Base SAS or an experienced programmer looking for an advanced reference manual, this is the macro book that you've been searching for!

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