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Roman architecture

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The first part of the book examines the developments that originated in central Italy. It then goes on to discuss the majestic complexes of the Republican era, and the Augustan buildings that culminated in the planning of the Roman Forum. The book explains how the Romans successfully developed and exploited a revolutionary building material called opus caementicium, a composite of stone and mortar. This material made it possible for them to effectively develop new forms of structures, such as amphitheatres, public bath-houses, villas, basilicas, and markets, which were to become essential features of many regions. The author explores Roman architecture in such diverse areas as Thessalonica, Ephesus, Constantinople, Nimes, Verona, and Pompeii, with an overview of developments in southern Italy and the provinces. He also considers the later era of ancient Rome, where key buildings provide powerful examples of the complex phenomenon of Imperial Rome.

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