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Consumer behavior : : buying- having- and being

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  1.For undergraduate and MBA courses in consumer behavior.   Solomon goes beyond the discussion of why people buy things and explores how products, services, and consumption activities contribute to shape people’s social experiences.   2.Wheel of Consumer Behavior  This text goes well beyond the act of buying—having and being are just as important, if not more so. Consumer behavior embraces the study of how having things affects our lives and how our possessions influence the way we feel about ourselves and each other. Solomon has developed the Wheel of Consumer Behavior to underscore the complex—and often inseparable—interrelationships between the individual consumer and his or her social realities.   3.Digital Consumer Behavior: A Virtual Community  As more of us go online everyday, there is no doubt the world is changing—and consumer behavior is evolving faster than you can say “World Wide Web.” This text continues to highlight and celebrate the brave new world of digital consumer behavior.   4.The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly  To illustrate various examples of consumer behavior, marketing pitfalls and success stories, and past research, various features have been added to this edition, including:  .Marketing Opportunity Boxes – Each chapter highlights the fascinating ways that marketing practitioners translate wisdom they glean from consumer research into actual business activities.   .Marketing Pitfalls – These boxes help students explore marketing mistakes and ethically suspect activities. 作者簡介Michael Solomon-Saint   現職:Joseph’s University and The University of Manchester

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