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Network and application security fundamentals and practices /

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內容簡介top Network and Application Security 簡介 To deal with security issues effectively, it is usually not sufficient to have knowledge of theories. Practical experience in dealing with these issues is essential. This book discusses the basic theories, and also helps develop a practical outlook on the matter in a short and intriguing, manner. The book is not intended as a textbook, therefore does not include minute and complex description of every theoretical aspect. It provides readers with basic concepts and an awareness of industry standards and best practices. Thus the book will be helpful for both the beginners and industry practitioners. If you are confused and have queries involving ow do I...??like, ow do I know which cryptographic approach to be followed?? ow do I set a firewall?? ow do I secure specific network layers or application?? ow do I fight against application level attacks?? ow should I code securely??and more; then this book will act as your pathfinder.

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