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Colour : : a journey

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轉寄 列印
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Following on from her hugely successful book "One", Victoria Alexander explores the implications, history and cultural meanings of colour in our lives. Colour is intrinsically linked to how individuals make sense of the world, having the power to transform mood completely, often subliminally. It's capable of being energetic or restful, passive or aggressive, harmonious or just dull, and that's just the beginning. Victoria Alexander intersperses poignant reminders throughout her book, allowing and encouraging the use of colour to transform your mood and brighten your life. Lyrically written and thoughtfully illustrated, Victoria Alexander's "Colour" will inspire you to make creative choices in your wardrobe, your home and your life at large. This is a beautifully packaged & engaging 300-page journal-style gift book, a sequel to "One"; we all have a relationship with colour. This is thoughts on colour told in an inspiring way and reinforced by emotive travel images; packed with facts & anecdotes; broken up into colour chapters, exploring particular colours/colour groupings and interspersed with touching and poignant reminders for everyday living. It includes exceptional production values, with a section of tear-out colour swatches arranged in colour families, and a pocket to collect your colour inspiration.

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