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Ready to Go

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Ready to Go is a course book in English as an International Language (EIL). Packed wit authentic examples of workplace English, Ready to Go introduces students to a variety of workplace situations and the language used in these situations, helping students develop the tools they need to communicate successfully.
Ready to Go Book includes: 1. A 150-300 words main reading text in each unit 2. A variety of listening and reading samples based on authentic materials and typical of the most common workplace situations. The samples are organized systematically across 12 units to form a knowledge framework that supports student learning. 3. Vocabulary building through Word Roots and Collocations 4. Business Writing sections with examples of resume, cover letter, memo, email, and business letters that will remain a useful reference for students even after graduation 5. Grammar Review to reinforce students' understanding of basic grammar rules, a skill that will help them communicate effectively in the workplace 6. MP3 and online resources Readers will be tickled by the funny twists and award-winning illustrations, while English teachers may find fresh ideas for teaching pronunciation.

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