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Integrated infrastructure for sustainable improvement of movement and safety in urban road corridors : : the case of Dar es Salaam- Tanzania = Een geïntegreerde infrastructuur vor duuzame verbetering van mobiliteit en veiligheid op stedelijke verbindingswegen : een casetudy van Dar es Salaam- Tanzania

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內容簡介top Integrated Infrastructure for Sustainable Improvement of Movement and Safety in Urban Road 簡介 This study, conducted in the capital city of Tanzania - Dar es Salaam, investigated the impact of urban infrastructure interaction on movement and safety on arterial roads. By studying characteristics of urban infrastructure interconnections the effects of urban infrastructure interactions on movement and safety were investigated strategies for ensuring sustainable improvement of movement and safety in the road corridors are recommended. The study employed both quantitative and qualitative research approaches. Data are collected through condition survey, questionnaires, interviews, documentary review, and observation using surveillance cameras. The results that infrastructure within the road corridor exist in inevitable interdependencies, which significantly causes deterioration of each other while impairing movement and safety. Impairment is seriously escalated by mismatches in standards and lack of coordination of operators in planning, designing, installation including operational approaches. It is being suggested that in order to attain sustainable improvement of movement and safety, integrated high performance infrastructure has to be adopted; and for enhancing safety, a model has been developed for planners and engineers for evaluating safety compliance for existing and proposed infrastructure within the road corridors.This book will be of inerest to policy makers, engineers, and researchers in transportation engineering.

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