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轉寄 列印
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《設計師日誌-網格、版式、結構、字型,從基層建立你的設計靈魂》 7天時間可以做什麼? What can we do in Seven days? 上帝用了7天時間來創造世界。 現在我們可以用7天的時間,跟隨設計師一起觀察和思考 體會平面設計的精隨 God had created the world in Seven days. Now we can follow designers to observe and learn the essence of graphic design in the same time 本書特色 設計並非隨心所欲,好的設計是要建立在設計的基礎中,在設計的框架中字由發揮,不會脫離、也不被框架所囿,是本書要傳達的概念。從網格、比例、版式設計、編輯設計、字型、間距、排列、資料提取等入手,包含理論基礎與許多設計師的作品分析。 Peek at it first !別急著開始設計!編輯X設計人的DESIGN BASIS ●The First Day---Mon./32℃~36℃/Clear Designers said “we need gridding”; there came traditional gridding. Designers made arrangement on pages and led the appearance of traditional layout. ●The Second Day---Tue./31°C ~ 36°C/breeze Designers said “Gridding framework should be freer!” For this reason, designing broke the limitation of traditional gridding and led the appearance of modern gridding. The Third Day---Wed./30°C ~ 35°C/Thunderstorms/Cloudy day Designers said:" Details will be gathered together!" Design basis then unfolded. ●The Fourth Day---Thu./33°C ~ 35°C/Cloudy / Cloudy day Designers said “Designing should be carried out step by step in good methods!” Therefore, organization of data and design framework construction become necessary. The Fifth Day---Fri./30°C ~ 35°C/Clear Designers said “More cases should be presented to those longing for designing knowledge!” For this reason, designers provide various designing cases for us to discuss and inspire our ideas and inspirations. ●The Sixth Day---Sat./35°C ~ 38°C/Clear Designers said “We need case analysis to help us grow up while working”. And now, designers share their studying methods with us. ●The Seventh Day---Sun./33°C ~ 35°C/Clear/Cloudy day Designers said “We have shared our knowledge of gridding, basic design elements and cases”. Now let us finish our designing with the technologies learnt on the seventh day and present our works to the world.

作者介紹 南征 資深品牌設計師、設計師培訓特邀顧問、作家 現任法門寺景區文化產業集團《法門》雜誌、天弓文化傳播有限公司名譽Design director(設計總監) 為法門寺景區文化產業集團、法門寺慈善基金會舉辦過多場關於宗教視覺中設計理念指導講座

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