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Modern country : : inspiring interior for contemporary country living

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內容簡介top Modern Country 簡介 The countryside remains a vital part of French life, but that does not mean that French country houses are set in decorative aspic. Where new houses are built, it is natural to employ contemporary design solutions, but these same types of solution and innovative ideas work equally well when old spaces are given over to new uses, converted, renovated or just revived. Country living is associated with a relaxed, more informal way of life, and the houses in Modern Country reflect that life, in an up-to-date and relevant way. Modern Country explores some of the most exciting and interesting examples of the contemporary in French interior design, exploring homes in the mountains, by the sea, and in deepest parts of the countryside. Modern Country, is full of inspiration and new ideas on how to achieve comfortable modern living with the clean lines and edited design of today.

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