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Centrifuge modelling for civil engineers /

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內容簡介top Centrifuge Modelling for Civil Engineers 簡介 Centrifuge modelling is a powerful and versatile tool used increasingly by geotechnical engineers to solve complex ground and foundation problems. Nearly one hundred centrifuge centres are now operating worldwide, with new facilities being constructed widely in the developing world. Yet non-specialist civil engineers are often unaware of it or do not trust it. This book introduces this modelling technique for non-specialist and specialist alike. It begins with the basics then gradually moves on to methods and applications such as shallow foundations, slopes and embankments, and on to increasingly complex ones such as tunnelling beneath existing pile foundations or assessing the stability of buildings and their foundations following earthquake induced soil liquefaction. The use of modern imaging techniques and data acquisition and modelling techniques are addressed. The necessary signal processing tools that are used to decipher centrifuge test data are also explained.

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