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Gamechangers : : are you ready to change the world? : creating innovative strategies for business and brands

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內容簡介top Gamechangers 簡介 This book shows you: How to think smarter and act faster; Embrace the new tricks of business; Understand how gamechangers dream and disrupt; and Deliver practical results and win.Gamechangers are the next generation of brands and business, shaking up markets by playing a different game and redefining markets in their own vision. They win through ambition and innovation rather than legacy and scale, out-thinking the competition, focusing on the growth markets, and embracing technology in more human ways.The book is in two parts, top-and-tailed by a scene-setting introduction and a practical, feature and tool-packed Lab. Part 1, Play the Game, shows you how to generate the ideas and innovation that set gamechangers apart. Part 2 explores extraordinary next generation brands, profiling over 100 businesses nominated by peers, across continents and sectors, who are changing the game. Ranging from detailed case studies to fascinating pen portraits in sectors as diverse as Health, Media, Technology and Retail, Peter Fisk defines how you can win by playing a different game.The Lab is split into 5 sections, each with a collection of smart ools?to help you apply and implement the concepts in your own business. These tools will be accompanied by a digital platform, the Gamechanger Studio, which provides a practical workbench of processes and tools to help you apply and implement the best game-changing ideas from around the world, and to shape your own market in your vision

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