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Taxation for Australian businesses : : understanding Australian business taxation concessions

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內容簡介top Taxation for Australian Businesses 簡介 Simplify tax and save money with streamlined bookkeepingSmall businesses are often just thatmall. Bookkeeping may be done by a professional outside the company, but more often falls to an employee or the business owner, who may or may not be well-schooled in the intricacies of tax law and business regulations. Tax time can end up costing small businesses a fortune in either professional fees or missed deductions every year. What if you could simplify the process and save money?Taxation for Small Business: Learn Everything You Need To Know in 7 Days is the ultimate guide to tax for the small business owner. Author Rod Caldwell, 20-year veteran of the Australian Taxation Office, leads you through the process of managing your books and keeping more straightforward records to simplify the process of filing tax. The introduction of the GST and the new tax system involves a lot of new work for business owners, but Taxation for Small Business eases the way by explaining the intricacies of applicable tax law, fully updated to parallel the May 2014 budget. Topics include:Business structures, accounting systems, and cash accountingFBT, private versus domestic use, and when to record a paymentMotor vehicles, the GST, and depreciationOwners salary, end of period processing, and how to account for stock tradingThe book explains everything you need to know and ties it all together to show you how to put the information into practice. No jargon, no textbooks, just common sense and reason. If you would like to get your bookkeeping straightened out and get back to your business, Taxation for Small Business: Learn Everything You Need To Know in 7 Days is the one guide that will get you there quickly.

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