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轉寄 列印
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《岩上八行詩》 本書特色 1.提到五行詩想到白靈、十行詩想到向陽、二行詩想到瓦歷斯.諾幹,那麼八行詩就推岩上為代表 2.《岩上八行詩》是依據《周易》六十四卦的生成象數排列的,它是個嚴密的結構。每首詩皆以一個字作為詩題,每首詩各八行,文字盡量簡約,意義卻無窮。 3.本書是絕版的《岩上八行詩》再版修訂之作,添加中英文對照。

作者介紹 岩上(一九三八) 本名嚴振興,本籍台灣嘉義,出生於台南永康,畢業於台中師範、逢甲大學。教職退休,曾任《笠》詩刊主編、台灣兒童文學協會理事長、中正大學駐校作家。曾獲第一屆吳濁流文學新詩獎、文協新詩創作獎、台灣詩獎、南投文學貢獻獎等多項。著有詩集《更換的年代》、《漂流木》、《岩上八行詩》……等,以及評論集《詩的存在》等十幾種,作品譯成英、日、韓、德、印、蒙多國語文,並選入國內外重要詩選數十種。 譯者介紹 Litze Hu Litze received her BA in Chinese Literature from the National Chengchi University and her M.A and Ph.D in Social Psychology from Syracuse University, New York. She completed her postdoctoral research in psychology and statistics at the University of California in Los Angeles. She was a professor in statistics and psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She also worked in the U.S. financial industry for many years. Currently, Litze is a research /statistical and investment consultant. Litze is internationally recognized for her work in Structural Equation Modeling. Her research in psychology and statistics remains prolific within the academic community and may be cited in hundreds of articles and books. Litze’s other expertise includes Meta-Analysis, regression analysis, analysis of variance, and multivariate statistical analyses. Other research areas include social influence, group process, social cognition, decision-making, cross-cultural psychology, and mental health.

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