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充滿創意能量的設計之都,集結布魯克林區結合風尚與藝術的室內設計精華大全「本書不僅介紹的是布魯克林的室內家居案例,也點出布魯克林區自由、不受拘束的美好生活方式。」--《Publishers Weekly》紐約布魯克林區在近期經過重大整頓,各地新、舊、公共與私人建築因為整修與修復,使整個布魯克林區進化成一個充滿創意能量的設計之都。本書集結布魯克林區最精華及成功的24組室內設計案例,不論是年代久遠以赤褐色砂石建成的排屋、時尚頂樓住宅或是鐘塔公寓等,每一個設計案例充分展現融合傳統與現代主義的混搭風格,有些寓所俯瞰窗外河景,以超挑高的天花板和極簡時尚美學為特色,加上屋主獨特的居家佈置風格,平衡了室內氛圍;工業風格搭配流行藝術品,造就出鮮豔色彩和清新的現代設計感,大膽和俏皮的設計,也反映了布魯克林區居民愛好自由及勇於挑戰的精神。These days, Brooklyn is more than a place-it's become a symbol for a whole style of living, one that is rooted in a broad-minded eclecticism and imbued with an aura of authenticity, originality, and independence. It has replaced Manhattan as home to indie fashion designers, filmmakers, artists, writers, actors, and entrepreneurs with trendsetting design sensibilities. Focusing entirely on private homes, this is the first book to get to the heart of the Brooklyn lifestyle. Profiling homes that exemplify a distinctive perspective, Brooklyn Interiors goes beyond the front doors of the new creative class-inside the borough's most compelling brownstones, row houses, lofts, condos, carriage houses, and even one houseboat. From Williamsburg and Greenpoint to Carroll Gardens and Park Slope and every neighborhood in between, the connecting thread is a brilliant resourcefulness. There is also an uncanny knack for beautifully reconciling a respect for tradition, an embrace of modernism, and a new love of the handcrafted (one that is broader and more syncretic than what's become typical of the borough). In the end, the Brooklyn ideal is to carve out one's own niche within a tightly developed urban environment-thus these examples provide aesthetic lessons for people all over the country.


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Kathleen Hackett ( 作者 )


Matthew Williams/ Photo ( 繪者/攝影者 )

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