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The English castles story /

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The best of England’s castles, including Windsor, Warwick, and Alnwick, with such colorful stories as the two princes in the towerTo use a phrase from Shakespeare, castles are "stories in stones." They remained the architectural landmarks of 1,000 years of British history. The Norman flair for castle building reflected the necessity of controlling a defeated population, rewarding European knights who had aided William the Conqueror, and protecting the realm against rebellion and Scandinavian predators who were a constant threat, and established the Feudal system which unified the English into a nation. They have also provided the setting for some of the most dramatic deeds in British history in war and political conflict. This well researched and vividly illustrated book explores the story of England’s castles, featuring many of the most colorful examples, as well as a timeline, glossary, and list of castles.

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