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轉寄 列印
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隨著全球旅遊發展興盛,在地觀光與農特產文化相互結合,發展出地區獨有特色和其產品藝術。《REGIONAL PRODUCT PACKAGING》網羅中國、日本、俄羅斯、西班牙、葡萄牙和義大利在地名產包裝設計案例,包裝類型涵蓋茶葉、酒類、果醬、調味料、料理包、米飯麵條等,詳細介紹每個產品及其起源,以及包裝結構圖、平面分析圖,提供包裝設計師、品牌企畫等專業人士參考與應用。• Packaging is vital for promoting local products and culture; this book collects innovative examples from around the world• Flat plans of the packaging and analysis of their designs are included, alongside an introduction to each product and its origins• Of interest to design studentsWith the rapid development of the cultural tourism industry, how can local products be introduced to the market? The answer is, of course, through their packaging. Featuring the exquisitely crafted packaging designs of local products from around the world, including China, Japan, Russia, Spain, Portugal and Italy, this book demonstrates how design appeals to the tourist. The special characteristics that make these local product packaging examples unique are introduced alongside the products themselves, telling the reader a little about their origins. Flat plans of each packaging demonstrate its structure, and the design is explored in detail.


■作者簡介Yang Meng

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