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當代策展藝術及實踐:身體、性別、科技:body- gender and technology

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轉寄 列印
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The Art of Contemporary Curation and Its Realisation:
Body,Gender and Technology

This book features eight exhibitions curated by Ming Turner between 2010 and 2017.They cover inspiring artworks created by more than 60 artists from around the world.In line with the ongoing and rapid development of technology,the exhibition introduced in this book explore the fact that technological art has become an essential artistic style in the field of visual art.Artworks dealing with the ideology of gender,have been re-examinig the discourses of gender from a number of different perspectives.Through contemporary curation,Ming Turner explores how both curator and artists have re-fashioned the issues of body and gender through the 'new aesthetics' embodied in the era of digitality and technology.


■作者簡介陳明惠國立成功大學創意產業設計研究所、科技藝術碩士學位學程副教授,成大藝術中心展覽組組長。英國羅芙堡大學藝術史及理論哲學博士(英國政府ORS海外學人獎學金)。 曾任教於英國德蒙特福德大學,教授「批判與文本」,並受聘為美國紐約跨藝術機構之訪問教師。以中、英文出版多篇文章於國際重要期刊與學術專書,包含:《East Asian Journal of Popular Culture》(2016)、《Else Art Journal》(2014)、《Triennial City》(曼特斯特:角落屋出版社,2014)、《n.paradoxa》(2010、2012)、《西方女性研究》(北京:人民大學出版社,2011)、《Gender and Women's Leadership》(Sage,2010),主編《跨界:當代藝術中的游轉與鄉愁》(典藏,2015)。同時是國際策展人,已完成多個策展計劃。
Ming Turner is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Creative Industries Design and Techono Art Program at National Cheng Kung University(NCKU),and is also the Head of Exhibition at NCKU Art Centre. She was awarded her PhD in Art History and Theory at Loughborough University,UK.She lectured Critical and Contextual Studies at De Montfort University,UK,and was a visiting faculty at Transart Institute in New York.She has published widely in both English and Chinese,including East Asian Journal of Popular Culture(2016),Else Art Journal(2014),Triennial City(Manchester:Cornerhouse,2014),n.paradoxa(2010,2012),Women's Studies in the West(Beijing:People's University Press,2011),Gender and Women's Leadership(Sage,2010).She is also the main editor of Crossing Borders:Transition and Nostalgia in Contemporary Art (with Dr.Outi Remes,2015).As a curator,she has completed several international projects.

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