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Getting to resolution:turning conflict into collaboration

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It is not conflict that undermines our ability to forge successful business and personal relationships, but rather our inability to reach true resolution of conflict. The cost in time, money, resources, lost opportunity, and emotion is staggering. In Getting to Resolution, Stewart Levine gives readers an exciting new set of tools for resolving personal and business conflicts. Marriages run amuck, neighbors at odds with one another, business deals gone sour, and the pain and anger caused by corporate downsizing and layoffs are just a few of the conflicts he addresses. Levine rejects the adversarial model for legal settlement: "If both sides are unhappy, you probably have a good settlement." Resolution, he maintains, provides relief and completeness for both sides. No one goes away unhappy. Effective resolution stops anger and resentment cold, drastically cutting the emotional cost and allowing both sides to return to productive, satisfying, functional relationships. Levine goes beyond existing publications by offering more than just new ideas and approaches. He provides specific models that take readers step-by-step through the twin processes of crafting collaborative agreements and resolving conflicts. His unique 7-step model works to resolve conflicts that arise in everyday business and personal relationships. He offers tools to get right to the core of every conflict-the painful breakdown of communication and disappointment between two people or groups. Levine's model has a twenty-five-year track record. It has been developed, implemented, tested, and proven in business, personal, and governmental contexts. Levine provides a new paradigm for resolving conflict, not so that someone wins and someone loses, but so that everyone can go forward quickly and productively.

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