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Object-oriented programming and Java

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Object-Oriented Programming and Java teaches two important topics in contemporary software development: object-oriented programming and the Java programming language. The method of teaching object-oriented programming in the book takes a different approach from most available literature. The book begins with the description of real-world object interaction scenarios and explain how they can be translated, represented and executed using object-oriented programming paradigm. Since Java is an object-oriented programming language, it is taught as a language for realizing the many good software engineering principles and concepts as practised in object-oriented programming. By establishing a solid foundation in the understanding of object-oriented programming concepts and their applications, the book provides readers with the pre-requisites for writing good object-oriented programs using Java. Object-Oriented Programming and Java is suitable for an undergraduate or postgraduate course teaching on object-oriented technology, and in particular, using Java as a programming language for creating object-oriented programs.

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