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Management in 20XX:what will be important in the future- a holistic view

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The whole world is witnessing radical economic changes. Traditional markets are stagnating; global markets are emerging. Business processes are becoming more mobile, more flexible, and much more streamlined. The boom companies of yesterday have disappeared from the scene. Such an environment calls for innovative ideas - for new ways of doing business, for new products and services, and for a totally new world. To survive, companies will have to be resilient and yet adaptable. To turn their visions into reality, they will have to act as well as react. Growth will come to only those companies that can identify demand and apply the right technological know-how to create tangible customer benefit. Development, marketing, and sales departments must arrive at the right strategies, just as corporate organization, production, and logistics managers must devise and implement the best possible processes. The book lays out some remarkable scenarios and ambitious visions for the future. It helps readers to formulate ideas and plot new directions for their business and points out the changes needed to meet challenges that lie ahead. The new role people will play in the evolving world of business also receives attention in this book that is at once informative and inspiring.

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