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The baby boomer's guide to retirement

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While once declaring it would never trust anyone over 30, the baby boom generation is now marching inexorably toward retirement. And, true to form, it is generally underprepared for the financial realities that lie ahead. In Retire Rich, Bambi Holzer comes to the rescue with a solid introduction to the basics for the uninitiated thirty- or fortysomething who recognizes that retirement planning should really be well underway by now. Through illustrations and a series of questions and worksheets, Holzer helps readers determine the amount they must put away to meet their individual future needs. She then introduces the various savings and investment strategies that can be used to realize those goals. "We know retirement will be completely different for us than it was for our parents. Corporate pensions have changed. Social Security, if we get any at all, won't be enough. And most of us haven't saved as much as we should have," Holzer writes. Her book gets the ball rolling by explaining, in simple language, the difference between various retirement plans, the mechanics of stock and bond markets, the mysteries of mutual funds, and the best ways to combine them all into a nest egg for the not-so-distant future. --Howard Rothman

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