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The enterprise unified process:extending the Rational Unified Process

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This book describes the fundamentals of the Enterprise Unified Process(EUP), an extension of the IBM/Rational Unified Process (RUP) that helpsmake it a full IT lifecycle. The book is, above all, practical. It gives a short, tothe point description of what the EUP is and how it addresses the shortfalls ofthe RUP that most organizations will encounter. While there are several RUPbooks, no single book address organizationsal issues that the EUP addresses(namely, where the RUP falls short). With this in mind, the authors provide abrief overview of the RUP but focuses mainly on the issues that the RUP mostignores (e.g. cross-project and enterprise issues). This is a "how to" guide usingreal-world experiences and examples for the practitioner. This book is notproduct specific and it is tool agnostic. Enterprise Unified Process is built onbeing an add-on to the RUP, instead of a detractor.

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