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Kitchen design

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In Western culture, the kitchen has always been considered the nerve center of the home. Apart from being a place where food is prepared and cooked, today’s kitchen is also used for meals and social occasions. It is a dynamic space that serves many functions, and this affects its layout. Readers may flip through this copiously illustrated 400 page source book to decide which style is best suited to their own taste, requirements, and budget. The latest trends and decorative concepts are presented: avant-garde or rustic kitchens, small or spacious kitchens, spaces that experiment with color and new materials or take advantage of technological innovations. Daring or simple kitchens, cozy or minimalist kitchens - the list is endless as every kitchen is a world in itself and the only really important thing is that its occupants feel absolutely at ease. This book investigates how the kitchen has evolved and changed over time by exploring the work of leading designers and architects. It covers which materials are most suitable and popular and which are going out of fashion; color and lighting schemes; which furniture works best in particular kinds of spaces; and the role electrical gadgets and kitchen utensils have played in making domestic tasks easier and improving the quality of life. Here is a treasure-trove of information which will be appreciated by anybody trying to make the most of this inviting and indispensable room.

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