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Your workplace rights and how to make the most of them:an employee's guide

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Imagine an ideal workplace, one where harmony reigns supreme and employee/employer disputes, sexual harassment, and discrimination don't exist. In this dream world, workers need not worry about their legal rights. OK, now wake up! In real life, few workplaces are ideal--and the legal rights of employees are often threatened simply because the average worker lacks a basic understanding of the law. This book clarifies the fundamental legal rights of employees--and shows them how to fight for those rights. It examines employment law from their perspective and walks them through each step of the legal process, showing them how these issues are handled in the real world. Readers will find smart, savvy information to help them: * determine if they have a valid claim * weigh the pros and cons of taking legal action * understand the ins and outs of alternative dispute resolution (including binding arbitration), and more.

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