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Operations management

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Stevenson's "Operations Management" surveys the field of operations in both the services and manufacturing. As always, this new edition offers complete, balanced, and flexible coverage of operations management. With hands-on examples and support in the text, and the most extensive technology support package available, your students will have a practical, deep, up to date, and motivating study resource. Combine that with the clear explanations of topics, and the countless presentation enhancements-suggested by instructors like you - this new Eighth Edition is the best ever. Coverage flows from the overall strategic issues of designing products and services and making major capacity and location decisions, through the operating processes and control systems, including well supported quantitative applications. Many specialty topics and quantitative techniques are segmented as supplements that can be highlighted or bypassed depending on your course structure. They are also supported with step-by-step examples and solved problems, many including example solutions built into Excel spreadsheets.

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