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Clusters and globalisation:the development of economies

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Clustering as an economic policy concern has become increasingly fashionable. The authors of this book shed light on this subject on which there remains remarkably little understanding, and even less agreement, regarding what clusters are, what they require for success and what impacts they are likely to have in different contexts, locally, nationally and globally. Clusters and Globalisation brings together scholars with different perspectives and theoretical groundings, and from different disciplines, to consider conceptual arguments and case study material. In doing so the volume identifies key characteristics and requirements of the forms of cluster that are especially significant for the attainment of economic success in a globalizing world. This unique critical analysis of clusters in the framework of globalization will strongly appeal to students and academics with an interest in economic development, public policy and globalization. The book will also be of great interest to researchers in policy agencies concerned with local economic development and the design of cluster policies.

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