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The five keys steps to value investing

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How to determine what stocks are really worth­­ and buy the best at a discount "The Five Keys to Value Investing is practical, insightful, and a great roadmap to not only value investing but how to make money in the stock market." -- Joel Greenblatt, Managing Partner, Gotham Capital "Jean-Jacques has written a great how-to guide for both beginning and experienced value investors. He skillfully draws on the canon and legacy of the great value investors, such as Graham and Buffett…a terrific addition on this time-tested methodology." -- Eric T. McKissack, Vice Chairman, Ariel Capital Management/Ariel Mutual Funds Investors left to pick up the pieces of the shattered stock market are rediscovering value investing­­ the time-tested technique based on assessing and buying businesses as opposed to "picking" hot stocks. The Five Keys to Value Investing provides a methodical framework for using value analysis to uncover investment opportunities based on their business strengths, and building a solid portfolio of stocks that is destined to provide superior long-term returns. Written by a professional value investor who worked for the best, The Five Keys to Value Investing explains how to answer the four basic questions of value investing: Does this stock represent a good business to own? What is its balance between price and value? What specific events will spur it to appreciate? What are the stock's safety levels?

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