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Symbolic C++:an introduction to computer algebra using object-oriented programming / Tan Kiat Shi, Willi-Hans Steeb, and Yorick Hardy

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Symbolic C++: An Introduction to Computer Algebra Using Object-Oriented Programming provides a concise introduction to C++ and object-oriented programming, using a step-by-step construction of a new object-oriented designed computer algebra system - Symbolic C++. It shows how object-oriented programming can be used to implement a symbolic algebra system and how this can then be applied to different areas in mathematics and physics. This second revised edition: - Explains the new powerful classes that have been added to Symbolic C++ - Includes the Standard Template Library - Extends the Java section - Contains useful classes in scientific computation - Contains extended coverage of Maple, Mathematica, Reduce and MuPAD Updated and extended code is available at http://issc. rau. ac. za .

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