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Divorcing the Dow:using revolutionary market indicators to profit from the stealth boom ahead

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Praise for Divorcing The Dow "Troup and Michalsky know how to see beyond the negativity and restore the reader’s confidence in the financial markets." –Louis Navellier, CEO and President, Navellier and Associates, Inc. "Divorcing the Dow digs deep into the changes behind the markets. This is a thought-provoking book in a critical economic era." –Jack London, President and CEO, CACI International Inc. "Divorcing the Dow clearly explains how to profit from the transformations of the market culture. It is a road map for success filled with terrific insights." –Jim Madden, CEO, Exult "Divorcing the Dow exposed me to a balanced fund of knowledge concerning the various markets and how they operate. I could hardly put it down!" –G. Hunter Gibbons, Dickinson & Gibbons "Readers of Divorcing the Dow will emerge with an understanding of the 21st century investment culture and a renewed enthusiasm for equities investments. It is insightful, thought-provoking, and refreshingly specific. Every investor and potential investor should read this book." –Edward A. Labry III, President and CEO-Elect, Concord EFS, Inc. "Divorcing the Dow presents provocative thoughts on the new business paradigm in our age of increasing technology, information, and speed." –Jim Sinegal, President and CEO, Costco Wholesale Corp.

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