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Switching in IP networks:IP switching- tag switching- and related technologies

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Label switching, an economical and efficient technique for message forwarding in IP networks, is fast becoming a widely deployed solution for improving performance, scalability, and functionality. Written by leading experts in the field, this guide explores the underlying technology of label switching and provides a detailed analysis and comparison of approaches developed by Ipsilon, Cisco, Toshiba, and IBM. It also compares label switching with conventional routing, culminating in a discussion of the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) standard now being developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETP).This book—the result of a rigorous review process by key designers—is an invaluable resource to network engineers and designers for evaluating the use of label switching in their own networks.* Explains the benefits and limitations of label switching technology* Compares performance, scalability, and robustness of IP Switching, Tag Switching, Cell Switching Router (CSR), and Aggregate Router-based IP Switching (ARIS)* Reveals how label switching simplifies IP over ATM integration problems* Presents the latest snapshot of the MPLS standard, which incorporates the strengths of several of the approaches discussed

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