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Valuation:maximizing corporate value

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A professional's guide to assessing value, developing strategy, and achieving goals "George Norton has made the complex subject of business valuation and value creation understandable. The book is a straightforward, `how-to' guide for business owners, CEO's and other senior executives that links strategy and tactics to long-term stakeholder satisfaction. For a business book it is not only a `good read,' it is a `must read. ' " -Craig Lentzsch, President and CEO, Greyhound Lines, Inc. "George Norton has always been able to distill complex problems and concepts into practical and valuable solutions. This book distills his years of experience into the straightforward and useful advice that has helped many companies and executives increase value and advance their careers. This book gives a complete framework that, if followed, will help increase company value."- Marc Particelli, President and Chief Executive Officer, Modem Media "Mr. Norton addresses the subject in the most straightforward yet deeply thoughtful and strategic manner possible. Over the last twenty years I have watched him build his knowledge of the subject, and this book bears evidence to the hard work of the last two decades. Recommended reading for business and finance professionals, as well as legal professionals who want a grounding in the subject."- Weston Anson, Chairman of CONSOR Intellectual Asset Management Consultants "Mr. Norton's book provides a plethora of keen, insightful, and useful ideas enabling managers to develop a practical framework for strategic decision-making."- Geoffrey L. Stack, Managing Director, Sares-Regis Group

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